Saturn Devours

2016 | Short Drama/Comedy | 14:09 | IMDb

Official Selection:

IMAGE + NATION Montreal LGBT Film Festival

REELOUT Queer Film + Video Fest

Victoria Film Festival

Worldfest Houston (Bronze Prize, Comedy Short)

Out Here Now Kansas City LGBT Film Festival

A young man experiences a string of bad luck at the same time a man resembling the Ancient Roman god Saturn starts following him around.

Every 27-30 years, the planet Saturn returns to the place in the sky it occupied at the moment of your birth. According to astrologists, the planet (tied to the cruel and bloodthirsty Roman god who shares its name) brings with it a period of great upheaval and turmoil when it makes its return.

Saturn Devours follows our hero for three days filled with the special kind of rotten luck saved for people just about to turn 30. It's hard enough losing your job, bombing interviews, and going to bars alone when you're not being stalked by a terrifying and ancient god. But in this case, you totally, literally are.

Starring: Johnnie Walker, Dean Gilmour, G. Kyle Shields, Alexandra D'Ambrosio, Morgan Norwich, Rielle Braid, Ron Kelly, and Kat Letwin

Written & Directed by Johnnie Walker

Produced by Blain Watters

Assistant Directed by Jenna MacMillan

Cinematography by Samuel Lebel-Wong

Art Direction by Stephanie Avery

Edited by Thom Smalley

Sound by Paolo Di Teodoro

Original Score by Gian Marco Castro

Makeup by Larissa Palaszczuk

Styling by Devora Bellaiche

With music by Light Fires